What is a Darkmaster Delphiki?

Greetings Raiders!

My name is Zack, but around the WoW gaming sphere I’m known by my shaman’s in game name, Delphiki. I wanted to start off with my first post here on C2R with revealing a little bit about myself, and perhaps what you can expect from my posts.

I have been an avid video gamer since around the time I learned how to walk, beginning with Nintendo classics like Zelda and Dr. Mario. Video games have always been a dear hobby of mine, and that passion was even more so ignited when I discovered World of Warcraft. I started playing at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, where I primarily played Protection Paladin. A few months later, I found myself playing an Elemental shaman, and it has been my main ever since. I have always loved themes and classes that could control, manipulate, or otherwise utilize the elements, and so Elemental was naturally appealing to me. I have spent the last few years in game on various raid teams, at pretty much every difficulty. I have been in top 250 raid teams, and had times where I was just an LFR hero. I moved over to the Aerie Peak server a few months after it was announced that Convert To Raid would be moving over there. The prospect of being in a guild with hundreds of other raiders was extremely attractive to me. I have since joined a new guild, experienced the Mythic/Hard Mode race, and drifted back towards a more relaxed raid environment. I enjoy every aspect of the game (Yes even the occasional PvP) especially when it comes to lore and raiding. I spend a large amount of time weekly looking over news sites, tweets, and podcasts, learning as much as I can about the game and it’s mechanics and lore. I also in my free time love to read the Warcraft novels (Especially the ones written by Christie Golden). I have also had a passion for writing stories of my own, albeit at an extremely amateur level.

The origin of my “Darkmaster Delphiki” name comes from two different sources. The first (Darkmaster) comes from the Realm Best Challenge Mode title that a guild group that I was a part of had achieved back in Scholomance in MoP. I often times run the Dark Shaman Transmog, so the title fit remarkably well. The other part of my online handle (Delphiki) comes from my love of the character, Julian Delphiki (Bean), in the Ender’s Game and subsequent Bean’s Saga books.

I was originally approached about joining the C2R team from Asimi, who has been a friend and fellow shaman for a number of years. Asimi shares the same passion and thirst for knowledge of the game that I do, so the prospect of being able to work in tandem with Asimi and some of the others here, really got me excited.

As a contributor to Casual 2 Raider, I hope to bring some informative insight, as well as witty topic discussion, and useful resources to you, the prospective raiders. I have many discussion topics already in mind, and can’t wait to see this community grow and learn with each other. I tend to always be looking for and researching new and fun ways to make myself a better gamer and raider, and my dream is to be able to pass along of lot of the things that I have learned over the years to you. I have a passion and love for WoW that I hope shows in the columns and posts I will put up here. I hope you enjoy the content and musings that I can provide, just as much as I enjoy creating it for you!

I am always available for questions, comments, advice, or anything else you might want to chat about on Twitter @DMDelphiki (www.twitter.com/DMDelphiki) or feel free to email me at DarkmasterDelphiki@gmail.com

See you in Draenor!