Knate: For Great Justice

Hello raiders! I’m Knate! I main a Draenei Paladin in the Convert to Raid mega-guild on Aerie Peak-US. I mostly play Retribution for one of CTR’s raid teams, <Boats N Hozen>, though I’ve been known to do some tanking on the side. I’m also the Lead Raid Liaison for Convert to Raid, which means I handle a lot of the administrative work related to our 50+ raid teams in Convert to Raid.

I’ve been a Warcraft player since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans (thanks to an older neighbor who got me started on true PC gaming) and a World of Warcraft player since 2006, shortly before the Ahn’Qiraj launch event (when everyone was turning in heaps of supplies… so cool!)

My very first toon was an Orc Rogue (gasp!), who I spent an hour learning to quest, dancing with other toons in the Valley of Trials, and, ultimately, jumping around enough to get through the barrier hills around the valley, ultimately falling off the cliff and getting eaten by a crocolisk in the Barrens.

My first real toon was a Human Paladin on Dark Iron-US. My time was spent leveling up, exploring the world, making friends , and being a total freakin’ noob. I hated most dungeon content (it took WAY too long), which was fine, because I usually ended up getting the boot from groups, because I had no idea what my role in a group was supposed to be. I got kicked out of a friend’s UBRS run, and it was embarrassing enough that I didn’t step into group content for another 3 years.

Once I got over my inhibitions about group content, and started finding online communities and resources, my appetite for group content and, ultimately, raiding, was voracious. I main tanked, I lead raids, I was an officer for several guilds and a GM for one, and ultimately found myself joining, and finding a home in, the Convert to Raid community. (Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would end up being a prominent figure in that community, let alone an officer, but that’s a story for another time).

For our show, I’ll be talking about things from a mostly melee DPS perspective, though, I’m trying to get some ranged DPS toons raid-ready so I can talk about them as well.

Outside of WoW, I enjoy video games in general. I’ll play just about anything, and I’ve been known to make many irrational purchases during Steam Sales.

If you’d like to get in touch with me directly, you can find me on Twitter – @Sh1eldbearerCTR – or you can e-mail me at

I hope you enjoy our show, and I look forward to helping you become raiders.

May the Light embrace you!


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