Hit the Lights

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to write a quick blog entry about why we’re closing up shop.

When Asimi left, as sad as I was that he was leaving, I was also very excited, because I thought we could take the show in exciting new directions. But, after last week’s show, I quickly realized that I couldn’t dedicate the time the show required, as well as fulfill all my other responsibilities, and maintain my insanity.

So, unfortunately, I decided to call it quits, at least for now. Perhaps in the future, once my schedule settles down a bit, we can come back and reconsider doing the show. Maybe those exciting ideas and directions can one day take shape. But for the time being, I have to focus on the Convert to Raid community, my raiding commitments, and my personal life. And, as I said in my previous blog, real life comes first.

That said, I want to say thank you to Asimi, for giving me a chance to experience the podcasting life, and to Moodahla, for being a terrific co-host with lots of ideas and information. I may not have captained the ship to the promised land, but I did at least dock it safely, to perhaps one day set sail again.

Please feel free to follow us and keep in touch with us, and ask us questions if you’d like – we all love the WoW community deeply, and want to see its members succeed in their endeavors.

Take care. We’ll see you all down the road.

– Knate


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